About Us

It is said that Art enables to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. From the times of the sages to now, the baton of artistry has been passed on from guru to shishya. Be it the Grandmasters of the Renaissance or from the remote Apatani tribes of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh in India, it has been a tradition to pass on the skills – one to be learned and one to be earned.

A humble effort to bring the global masters, our global gurus to a single platform to offer demonstrations of their knowledge, experience, inspiration, style of work, techniques and skill to the next generation of artists has led to the culmination and creation of Uneek.art. A promise and a commitment to provide a classroom – a gurukul like atmosphere where the mentor and the mentee can interact, is what we have to offer to you.

A mighty tree emerges from a tiny seed. Our endeavor and source for this seed has begun from India, wherein we have brought forward to you master artists to this platform as a pilot. We promise to nourish and nurture this tiny seed to grow to other parts of the globe.

Would you enjoy learning art from the masters of the most acclaimed masterpieces form India? Would you want to learn the academic arts from most experienced art teachers from the top art schools from India? Would you want to unlock and unleash the secrets behind those rendering, techniques, compositions and materials used?

Walk with us, fill the canvas of your mind with the creative beats of your heart. Be part of the uneek.art movement today.

Special thanks to Prof A. Sridharamurthy for his guidance and encouragement all the way through our endeavor.

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