S. Elayaraja is a highly skilled realistic artist from the lands of Tamil Nadu, India. From his humble beginnings in and around Kumbakonam (born on 19th April 1979) to his artistic education from Government Fine Art College, Chennai, he experienced his life through his art works. Most of his works are mistaken as photographs. Such degree of realism is shown in his artworks. He is well known for eloquent representation of Dravidian women in his works. From the details such as carvings on a stone wall in a temple to jewelry worn by the women, his patience and skill speaks to the mark. His expertise in oil portraits is well known in the world and highly appreciated. Most of the art enthusiasts who are aware of his works compare his art to the legendary works of Ravi Varma. His humility to spread the knowledge and skills that he has earned all the while and to mentor those who seek his help is something that cannot be appreciated with words. Bangalore-based Dhanalakshmi Fordyce, who bought most of his paintings, helped organise his first solo show. He has also taken part in many shows in India and abroad. But, Elayaraja says the foundation was laid by “Durai master and Amutha teacher” who left him under the tutelage of N. Manohar, the principal of the College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam.