Why does the website show Beta in its name? What does it mean?

Uneek.art is in process of development. We are adding in loads of content and also working on lot of technical details for the benefit of the subscribers. ‘Beta’ denotes the same.


What is subscription/ membership?

Anyone who seeks to view the courses and access the other contents on the site shall have to create a user account. This is to ensure that the users who access the site are real people and not bots.


Can I watch the video without creating an account/logging in?

You cannot access the content on the website without logging in. In fact, creating an account is very easy. You can login using your Google account/ Facebook account or any other Email id without much hassle.


How do I watch the prime videos?

Premium videos require a prime membership. If you have already created a free account, you will have to upgrade it and it is easy. Just click on the ’upgrade plan’ pop up when it appears before the video or Chose to upgrade from your Account settings.

If you are a new user, you can chose Prime plan during sign up.


What do I get with a free account or a prime account?

Features of each type of membership has been listed in the ‘Membership Plans’ page. However in brief, while a free member gets access to all free videos and articles and free resources, a prime member gets unlimited access to all videos and other contents on the site.


Can I download the videos and watch them later?

Uneek.art is a subscription based website and you shall have unlimited access to all its content for the duration of your membership. None of the contents (unless specified) are available for download. Any attempts to download the videos shall result in violation of the company’s copyrights and is liable.


Is there a limit to the number of times a video can be viewed?

There is no such limit on number of times a video/course can be viewed.


Can I share my user ID with a friend and both of us share the membership?

It is legally not permitted to share your subscription login details with others. Multiple logins at the same time are not permitted and might result in blocking of your account.


The prime membership plan seems very affordable. Why is it so? Would the prices increase in future?

Uneek.art is in a Beta stage of development. Hence the cost of subscription is nominal. We are planning to add hundreds of more videos and also introduce more features to the subscribers very soon. The prices in such case will be hiked minimally to accommodate the operating costs.


Will I be notified of any hike in cost of subscription?

Yes. Any changes in subscription plans will be highlighted by the team on the website homepage or through Ads or through a direct communication with the subscriber. Members who have a monthly rolling plan (auto renewal) selected will be notified with the changes too.


Can I really learn art from your website online?

Uneek.art has courses for both beginners and advanced art enthusiasts. Courses are well crafted to seem like a real classroom, with the master artists explaining each part of their process from the basics to the details. There are also several basic courses on the site for free.

Here is a comparison of a regular art class with our online course:



Classes conducted for a particular period and particular daily timings. Courses can be viewed at any time that is convenient for the subscriber.
Classes are usually one time lectures/demos Courses here can be viewed unlimited number of times.
All the art classes are usually handled by the faculty from the same college/school You can learn from the Master artists from all around the globe. Most of the masters on our website do not teach anywhere else.
For academic purpose only. Can be opted by both beginners and advanced art enthusiasts and also either by academicians or hobby artists.
Progress is determined by the academic curriculum and the faculty. Progress is determined by individuals interest and scope of which is limitless
Personal /individual guidance available and each student has an option to interact with his mentor The feature is soon to be available on Uneek too. Subscribers will be able to interact with the mentors, ask questions, submit their work for review etc.
Comes with a cost Extremely affordable. At around 1/100th the cost of the college/school fees.


Why can’t I leave comments/ask questions in the section under the courses?

Asking questions/ leaving comments is a feature available for Premium user only. You will have to upgrade your plan for the same.


Why do I see lots of videos as coming soon?

We are in beta stage and we are adding hundreds of more courses and other content soon. The ‘coming soon’ thumbnails are to give the subscribers an idea of what videos to expect in and around one month.